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VILTROX DC-50, 5-inch HDMI Monitor, resolution: 800 x 480.

DC-50 a portable LCD monitor for use with an Interchangeable Lens Digital Camera or an Interchangeable Lens Digital HD Video Camera Recorder with an HDMI terminal and live view mode. It can display HDMI video output from the camera.

Viltrox DC-50 Clip-on LCD Monitor adopts with 5-inch TFT high resolution LCD panel, is loaded with pro-style features to help photo enthusiasts and video-graphers shoot high-quality HD video footage with their Interchangeable Lens Digital camera.  There is also pixel magnification and peaking facility which will ensure accurate focus confirming, give an enlarged pixel-perfect view of a selected portion of the Full HD image.

Viltrox DC-50 Clip-on LCD Monitor has angle adjustment shoe adaptors, they fulfill the different angles need in the real shooting process. DC-50 has two HDMI jacks and one AV jack to get the video signal from the camera; the shutter release jack successes to control shooting when DC-50 epitaxial the camera LCD display.



  • Several HDMI, AV ports, Wide viewing angle LCD screen.
  • Adopting advanced TFT HD screen, low power consumption, and stable performance.
  • It can show the exposure and area accurately.
  • With headphone stereo output.
  • 16:9 / 4:3 / full screen display
  • It can used for HDMI port, AV port and Live View.
  • Powered by rechargeable batteries or AC outlet with AC/DC adapter.
  • It can show the HDMI video signal from camera.
  • Type: VILTROX  DC-50  Monitor
  • LCD Dispaly: 5 inches
  • Resolution: 800 × 480 Pixel
  • Input Jack: HDMI、AV signal input
  • Output Jack: HDMI signal output
  • Audio: Loudspeaker, headphone port 3.5
  • Power supply: DC IN input ( power port )
  • Power Adapter: DC 8V-18V
  • Battery: Chargeable battery NP-FM500H series
  • Operating temperature: +0 to +40°C (+32 to +104°F)
  • Storage temperature: -20 to +60°C (-4 to +140°F)
  • Software upgrade: USB upgrade port
  • DimensionS: Approx. 1291mm ×88.5mm ×20mm
  • Weight: Approx.250g (include Sun shade hood,excluding battery)
  • Accessories supplied: Hot shoe, Sun shade hood, HDMI cord Type A-Type C

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