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SLK64 Kameleon


Professional, lightweight Kameleon slider with Slide Control system – 64 cm long.

Kameleon Slider was named the Best Video Product on International FVF 2017 Fairs!

Kameleon is compact size, professional Slider designed for smooth and dynamic film shots.
Stable, steady camera movement creates unique effect and therefore sliders are getting more and more popular in film production. Precise, durable design and easy operation qualifies this accessory as professional and reliable tool. Unique and innovative solutions let you use Kameleon in various environments.

Slide Control is innovative system allowing to maintain steady and smooth trolley movement. This exceptional effect has been achieved owing to rolls parts working in fluid environment, allowing to create precisely calculated amount of friction. Slide Control system is patented Foton Accessories solution!

Our Slider stands out as one of few available, deploying four fiberglass composite rolls working on double ball bearings. Design and precise rolls manufacturing results in exceptionally smooth trolley movement.

Trolley is equipped with bubble spirit level that facilitate setting slider in the right position. Lock placed on trolley's side allows to fix trolley in desired position. Virtually any head might be deployed through the use of interchangeable 3/8” and 1/4” screws. At both ends of the rail there are located rubber stoppers preventing trolley from hitting sliders ending.

Laser engraved Time Laps Scale on Kameleons rail, facilitate amazing slow motion shots.

In the bottom of the Slider are two mounting plates that allow to set Kameleon on any tripod. 3/8” and 1/4” threads let you mount it on tripods head or directly on its column. Using simple coin you can unlock and move those plates to optimal position. Owing that solution, you can mount Kameleon on one (centrally) or two tripods.

Sliders own legs have adjustable height in the range of 25 mm and may be folded underneath it for traveling purposes.

Mounting optional SLP Props on tripod stiffens the entire construction and helps to avoid its destabilization when trolley reaches far end of the Slider. Props may be mounted to opposite legs of the tripod with adjustable grips. On the other end Props should be fastened to Slider's legs with instant “click” clamps. In the center of the SLP Prop is locking mechanism which allows you to adjust its length. Through this solution it is possible to set the slider at various angles.

Mounting Props takes only few seconds while changing angle is almost instantaneous.

We offer Kameleon with convenient, dedicated bag made of padded Kodura®-like material. It not only facilitates carrying slider but also protects it from damages in transportation and storage.

We are very proud of our Kameleon Slider and guarantee full customer satisfaction of working with our product!

2 Year Warranty


  • total legth: 64 cm,
  • rail width: 50 mm,
  • legs spacing: 190 mm, height adjustment: 25 mm,
  • mounting: two interchangeable screws - 3/8” i 1/4”,
  • tripod mouting: two plates with two threads each (3/8” and 1/4”),
  • weight: 2,3 kg
  • load: 5 kg,
  • Slide Control system,
  • trolley with lock,
  • 2 year warranty and post warranty maintenance!
  • Kameleon Slider made of the best available materials – fiberglass composite and hardened aluminum alloys,
  • Allen key,
  • transportation bag made of durable padded material.


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