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Platinum Pro - shoulder support designed for wide range of camcorders and DSLR cameras.

Stability you were looking for.
Platinum Pro Shoulder Support is designed for various types of DSLR cameras with HD video capability. Great image quality makes them perfect tool of video-maker, however camera ergonomics are not the best for this kind of tasks.
Our new shoulder support lets you work in stable and comfortable way, with easy access to all of your camera functions. Platinum Pro stabilizes your DSLR camera or camcorder in horizontal and vertical plane and eliminates accidental vibrations.

Good gets better.
Improved ball head increases ease of use and is even more durable. Quick release system with sliding plate is fast and reliable. Two independent fixing knobs are extremely useful for frequent adjusting of camcorder vertical position. Head is also equipped with separate horizontal plane fixing knob.

Lights... ready? Action!
Platinum Pro Shoulder Support will easily adjust to your personal style of filming. You may keep its movable arm on the side or move it to the front of Support to better counterweight those heavy lenses.
Simple and smart design is perfect for filming in harsh conditions, requiring full moblity from you.

Ready for extensions.
Enough of those difficult decisions: lighting or microphone? Platinum Pro includes its own mounting points for additional accessories like external LCD screen, microphone, lighting equipment and others.

Durability you will value.
Our shoulder supports are made of light aluminum alloys and esthetic plastics. Shoulder Supports arms are covered with smooth rubber material. Manufacturing process ensures high material endurance and lightness of our product.

Take it with you. Everywhere.
Compact size, lightweight, possibility of transforming and included carrying bag – thanks to those factors our Shoulder Support may be with you always when you need it.

3 Year Warranty



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