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Xenon Pro M - Manfrotto 501PL compatible camcorder support, designed for easy filming from inside a car.

Time for something new!
We present popular Xenon Shoulder Support in a new, improved version. Xenon Pro M has been equipped with brand new ball head. Improved design guarantees even better stability and durability of our product.

Roll sound, roll car, action!

Xenon Pro M have been designed for use while filming from inside a car. This support is mounted to headrests between front seats. Using Xenon Pro M guarantees comfortable work with camcorder in many specific situations like sport events, chase scenes and so on.

Good gets better.

Improved ball head increases ease of use and is even more durable. Quick release system with sliding plate is fast and reliable. Two independent fixing knobs are extremely useful for frequent adjusting of camcorder vertical position. Head is also equipped with separate horizontal plane fixing knob.

Let's throw away all adaptors!

Now our Shoulder Supports are even more flexible thanks to deploying popular Manfrotto Quick Release system with Manfrotto 501PL plate. Now you can change your accessories faster than ever – without additional adaptors.

Durability you will value.

Our shoulder supports are made of light aluminum alloys and esthetic plastics. Shoulder Supports arms are covered with smooth rubber material. Manufacturing process ensures high material endurance and lightness of our product.

Take it with you. Everywhere.
Compact size, lightweight, possibility of transforming and included carrying bag – thanks to those factors our Shouldr Support may be with you always when you need it.

3 Year Warranty



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