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MOOVIE PRO - mini dolly for cameras and camcorders - with PRO head.

MOOVIE PRO mini dolly has been designed for various types of camcorders and Video DSLR cameras. Mini dolly will let you create dynamic and smooth film shots – without lot of troublesome equipment.

Thanks to three independent axes, MOOVIE PRO may by adjusted for your needs easily, moving in straight line, going around the curve or circling around film subject. PRO type ball head is easily adjustable and may work in three planes freely. Quick ad secure mounting of recording device is guaranteed thanks to quick release system.

MOOVIE PRO is fully compatible with other Foton Accessories products with PRO head.

Wheels are supplied with silicon tires providing smooth operation on virtually any flat surface and absorbing unpleasant shakes and vibrations.

Sturdy, well-thought design, best materials and manufacturing in Poland guarantees endurance and therefore we provide 3 year warranty for this product.

Mounting: 1/4” or 3/8” (without head)
Maximum load: 5 kg

3 Year Warranty



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