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FRG18G F-Ring 103 - 109,5 mm

Geared F-Ring - manual focusing lever with 0,8 gear - for 103 - 109,5 mm diameter lens.

F-Ring with gear belt is an innovatory solution, improving your work in manual focusing mode. Convenient lever will let you adjust focus in dynamic and precise way as well as guarantee smooth and gentle transitions. F-Ring is particularly helpful while filming with DSLR camera, however it works with many popular camcorder types as well.

0.8 Gear Belt makes it perfect choice, compatible with many Follow Focus systems avaliable on the market.

Practical design makes F-Ring mounting really fast, also dismounting is easy. You'll have two levers – short and long – to choose the best one for your working style.

Full range of sizes, starting from 48 to 109.5 mm makes it easy to pick the right one for your lens/camcorder. F-ring is 8 mm width.

Minimal weight and tiny size let you carry F-Ring always with you – in your pocket or in bag with other equipment.

Before placing an order, remember to check focusing ring diameter precisely, so you might pick the right one easily.




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