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Professional Video Crane Flamingo with Koliber Pan/Tilt Head - set.

Flamingo with Koliber Head has been awarded on FVF 2015 International Trade Show in Poland, in Best Video Product category!


Flamingo is new version of our popular Video Crane, prepared for optimal work with motorized Pan/Tilt Head - Koliber. Moreover redesigned mounting platform facilitates mounting of any Video Head and therefore using Crane as a Jib.

New functions make Flamingo even better and open up even more creative possibilities. Maximum reach of 3.7 meter allows to show world in unusual way - from high above. After deploying appropriate counterweights, Jib allows you to take steady, smooth and dynamic shots or capture images from unusual angle.

Included sturdy tripod is supplied with new Cone Click connector allowing for instant device assembly and secure operation. Cone Click is patented Foton Accessories solution!


Cone ClickCone Click

The highest quality materials are chemically cured for better durability. Additionally all sliding parts were covered with Teflon™. That guarantees smooth operation and stable image. Crucial Flamngo's elements were galvanized or painted to provide corrosion protection. Advanced and precise production process allows as to provide three years of warranty for this product.

Folded Flamingo is only 1.4 meter long which allows easy transportation in the car trunk or on the back seats of virtually any car.
Our Video Crane is supplied with padded cover and carrying bag for counterweights.

Reinforced design of included STF Tripod guarantees safe and stable work with Flamingo Duo Video Crane.
Adjustable extension column with security pin allows safe work with load up to 40 kg maximum.
Tripod is very mobile owing to included wheels with brakes.


Koliber Motorized Video Head is exceptionally light, durable, precise and versatile. Owing to innovative solutions, we managed to create a product which quickly claimed the position of the ranking leader.


An advanced laser treatment and an application of durable, tough materials let us design a head that weights as little as 1.6kg! The precision of produced parts facilitated the assembly of a very tight and ideally fitted construction.

The Head is dedicated mainly for Flamingo crane. Due to application of  3/8'' fixing bolts, it also works outstandingly with other cranes.

Koliber means lightness, speed, and precision.




Professional Remote Controller designed to get the most from Koliber Motorized Head.
The heart of Condor is an advanced microprocessor running custom software, making sure that the Head works perfectly.



  • adjustable RAMP function,
  • two modes of operation – linear and logarithmic,
  • lock or reverse movement in each axis independently,
  • advanced speed control,
  • joystick autocalibration,
  • autopanorama function,
  • multifunctional memory bank,
  • bracket with quick release socket.


Special Functions

The Head features an innovative and practical Autopanorama function. It lets you move the camera constantly and stably in horizontal 360 degrees axis. The speed is regulated by a knob and has a range from 6 seconds to 8 minutes per full turn. After the parameters have been set up, you start the Head by pressing the button on the control panel. In Autopanorama mode, you can correct the speed and turning direction in real time.



Thanks to Autocalibration feature, every time you turn on the driver (after 2 secs) the joystick is automatically placed at 0 (resting) point. This function effectively eliminates the so-called slow-swimming effect of the engines at resting point of the joystick. Autocalibration further prevents an accidental and quick start-up of the head after the device has been turned on.


Multifunctional Memory Bank
The controller also has a practical function of head movement memory, the so-called memory bank. A registered material may be played and rewound on demand or played in a continuous loop.




  • maximum reach: 3.70 m,
  • maximum Jib length: 2.80 m (from tripod central axis),
  • folds down to 1.40 m,
  • maximum load: 4 kg,
  • weight: 9 kg,
  • tripod mounting: STF Tripod.


  • load capacity: 4 kg,
  • head weight: 1.6 kg,
  • size: 48 x 37 cm,
  • maximum size of recording device: 22 x 23 x 42 cm (width x height x length),
  • internal clearance: 37 x 22 cm,
  • cord holes: 25 mm diameter,
  • turn range in both axes: 360 degrees,
  • speed at both axes: 6 sec - 8 min per turn,
  • voltage: 7-14V DC,
  • set powered by Li-Ion batteries (Sony NP-F970 compatible),
  • Sony NP-F970 Li-Ion battery life: 10 hours,
  • main construction material: hard aluminum,
  • top layer: paint powder coating.
  • Jib,
  • STF tripod with Cone Click connector,
  • counterweights: 4 x 2.5 kg, neck with caps: 2 kg,
  • LCD screen holder,
  • a pendant and drive cords,
  • weights for precise balancing: 2 x 1 kg,
  • velcro loops for wires,
  • 1 x 1/4", 1 x 3/8” mounting screw,
  • a strut for pendant cord,
  • a cover for crane,
  • a bag for counterweights.
  • Koliber Head,
  • Condor Remote Controller,
  • 2 x 3/8'' fixing bolts,
  • 1/4'' mounting screw,l Charger and a Battery Adapter,
  • l Carrying Bag with pockets for accessories,
  • l Signal Cord; length: 2.5m.



  • Camera Remote Controller (Libec ZC-3DV),
  • Remote Controller Cord, length: 3m,
  • Quick Release Adapter (577 by Manfrotto or ADAP PRO by Foton),
  • 10-inch high-definition (1024x600) SMF Monitor,
  • Sun Shade for SMF Monitor,
  • Ł20/SMF external power adapter and charger for SMF Monitor,
  • Sony NP-F960 or 970 battery replacement.

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